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information about the owner of this website Technical publications by Joe Rothweiler a consultant in the field of Digital Signal Processing: Filters, Speech, etc. Most are from IEEE journals and conference proceedings. This is my personal web page; I use it to provide convenient access to things I have written that are publicly available.
My consulting company is Sensicomm LLC I am now working as a consultant, using the name Sensicomm LLC. http://www.sensicomm.com

Land Mobile Radio

On Aug 19 2016 I gave a presentation at the "Enhanced Digital Land Mobile Radio Seminar." Slides are now posted on Github, at joe1505.github.io/talks/index.html

You can leave comments at the corresponding blog post: sensicomm.blogspot.com/2016/08/presentation-codecs-for-land-mobile.html


My wife's college roomate is heavily involved with a nonprofit organization, Mission Lazarus in Honduras. In April 2010 we went with a group to see the facility and help out. Videos and links here: www.rothweiler.us/honduras2010

In 2014 we were part of a group that went to Guatemala for an economic development project. www.rothweiler.us/guatemala-2014.


Start of section describing ways to compute line spectrum pairs Computing Line Spectrum Pairs. Line Spectrum Pairs (or Line Spectrum Frequencies) are a parameter set that is frequently used in speech coding applications. I have two publications that together describe an efficient way to transform an all-pole model of speech to the LSP/LSF representation. See www.myown1.com/joe/lsf

Polyphase Quadrature Filters. This is a technique for efficiently filtering a signal into multiple bands and then recombining the bands to recover the original signal. A description, including the original paper, is here.
Other publications. Other publications include an implementation of the Prime Factor version of the Fast Fourier Transform, as well as papers and patents on speech coding and other signal processing techniques. Some info about the PFA is available on the family website www.myown1.com/joe/index.html


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To contact me, you can send email to joe.nospam.1@myown1.com (Yes, it's a valid email address, exactly as written).

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