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Mission Lazarus donates pairs of sheep to local families, providing a source of income by breeding the sheep. Contributions to our group were used to pay for several sets of sheep, and we delivered them while there.

First, we have to get the sheep to their destination. This is Sherri, one of the women in our team, wrangling a FWD pickup truck along one of the roads near San Marcos De Colon in southern Honduras. Only a few main roads are paved in this area.

Then we take the sheep out of the truck and carry them in to the family.
Things don't always go as planned. At this house the sheep spotted an opening in the fence and made a break for it. As the sheep raced up the hill the recipients said a few phrases that are outside my limited Spanish vocabulary. Then 4 adults, 2 kids, and a dog went running up the hill after the him. After about 1/2 hour they cornered him and one of the guys dived through a barbed wire fence to make the tackle. This video is the procession returning with the wayward sheep. Some people think the sheep has a smug look on its face - agree?
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